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Eating for the Season

by Jennifer Villa, L.Ac

Chinese medicine is a complete healthcare system within itself. It is comprised of acupuncture, internal/external herbal therapy, Chinese medical massage, mindful body movements (Qi Gong, Tai Chi) as well as lifestyle recommendations and eastern dietary therapy. According to eastern dietary therapy, one should eat according to their individual constitution (what's right for their individual body), consume a balance of the five flavors and eat appropriate for the season.
Spring is the season for growth, movement and expansion.  Therefore foods consumed during the spring should be supplementing, moving and supportive. Recommended foods that are mildly warming include fennel, rice, buckwheat, garlic, paprika and ginger.  A moderation of sour flavors are also recommended such as sauerkraut, grapefruit, rhubarb and cranberries.  In addition, foods that are green in color such as green tea, spinach, celery and sprouts should be consumed during the spring season.
Wind is the dominating weather that affects us in the spring season and often causes colds and flu, therefore the consumption of green onions and ginger can be beneficial. Foods that should be avoided are energetically hot and fatty foods, as well as excessive sour flavors. Choosing foods that are grown locally and in season is always a good tip to follow! If you would like to learn more about which foods are best for your individual constitution, according to eastern dietary therapy, contact Life Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine to set up a dietary consultation. 585.465.1056 or visit us at