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Postural Alignment Therapy

Our bodies were designed to move. In order to replenish and maintain themselves, bones, muscles and connective tissues all require the stimulation that movement provides. Without proper movement and stimulation, our bodies deteriorate and cease to function as they should. We have become increasingly dependent on modern transportation, appliances and technology. Consequently, we are no longer using our bodies in a way that maintains the skeleton and muscles as they were designed. Even athletes are subject to limited motion when they train for sport specific athletic endeavor at the expense of performing a balanced variety of activities. Limited and repetitive movements lead to anatomical dysfunction. Lack of proper movement interferes with the body's ability to perform, both physically and mentally. When the integrity of structural and postural muscles is compromised, the whole skeletal system is affected. The hip girdle changes its tilt, the back changes its curve, and the whole body begins to compensate, creating misalignments. These misalignments lead to abnormal wear and tear in the joints. Over time, misalignments can cause musculoskeletal breakdowns, injury and pain. Misalignments also affect the performance of other body systems, including cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.
Our internal organs, blood vessels and nerves are all dependent on a functional musculoskeletal system and are held in place and positioned within the body by proper alignment and movement.  Anatomical dysfunction can change the position of these essential systems, thus altering their ability to function at their best. For example, forward rounded shoulders and forward head carriage, often seen in combination with each other, may restrict blood flow and nerve impulses to and from the brain, leading to neurological disorders.
The Egoscue Method therapy uses muscles to reposition the skeleton to its original functional design. Bones do what muscles tell them to do. We as Egoscue practitioners assemble a series of exercises designed to reposition, strengthen and stretch specific muscles to correct dysfunctions specific to each individual's posture. These exercises make certain demands on the body that enable normal muscle function and interaction. This in turn, realigns the body so that it can function normally and without pain

Common Postural Conditions

Proper Functional Alignment


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